Haphazard Update on the Past Few Months (and Cafes to Visit in Manila)

My goodness how many months has it been? I recently fell into a very deep pit of writer’s block. The semester caught up to me and suddenly I felt no drive to write about anything.  My moving from dorm to apartment and switching of college major didn’t help.

However, after having spent a month in Seoul surrounded by beautiful places and enticing shopping, I think it’s time to try my hand at continuing this blog.

Do bear with me, as this update post will be less like my highly organized posts of the past. I’m going to attempt to get you up to speed with the last few months of my life (Manila-based months), and perhaps go into proper detail about each phase of my travels later on!

By the way, these photos were taken with my smartphone, so quality may have fallen off a bit.


Had the delicious CK Chicken Salad (P250) at Chelsea’s Kitchen in Eastwood Mall whilst going through my Theo and Philo readings. Normally I find it difficult to appreciate salad. But this one changed my stance on greens. I do believe that it was the peanut plum dressing that won me over.


Try the Yellow Carbonara (P320) as well! I’ll take anything with a poached egg and some hollandaise sauce. There is nothing I’ve tried here that I haven’t liked. CK’s menu is so well-curated; it’s definitely worth a visit should you be in the area.


This beautiful boop hails from the Barkin Blends dog café right outside my flat. In the absence of my own furbaby, this darling took care of my need for cuddles during the monsoon season.


Claw Daddy’s baked mozzarella oysters were divine, as suggested by their rather lofty price tag. (Story time: We weren’t sure whether Mael was or was not allergic to oysters- given his amusing inability to process shrimp and crab- so this was a gamble on our part. Luckily for him, he experienced no adverse side effects that day.)


Sometimes, the scorching weather eases up enough for me to appreciate the outdoors. Sometimes. (Don’t the colors look so romantic in this shot?)


Jaymes and Dana were the ones who introduced me to this cafe just along my street. Brown Paper Project is a peaceful sanctuary in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Katipunan. We escape to this quiet corner of the world when we really need to get into a productive mood. Try to catch it when it’s empty. The interior is comfortable, well lit, and inviting. The food and coffee are also very reasonably priced.


Even now, I’m not sure how I passed Accounting.  Forgive the angry scribbles, it’s hard to suppress frustration after realizing a tiny error just cost you the better part of 40 minutes to notice.


These may have been the best tasting cups of coffee I’ve ever had. Habitual Coffee’s Rose Chai Latte (P140) and Iced White (P160) really delivered. The caffeine seekers and I found this industrial-styled cafe along Chino Roces Ave. perplexingly surrounded by a compound of testosterone-emitting cross-fit centers. It does get rather toasty in the afternoons, so I’d suggest coming here on cooler days or in the morning.


Hotels have a knack for bringing out the inner diva within me. The view outside Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s window only compounded that effect. Yet instead of grabbing my flip flops and slathering on layer upon layer of UV protection, I spent that day writing and rewriting my internship CV until the wee hours of the morning.


I spent my birthday brunch with the gang at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. This place serves amazing comfort food from Filipino staples to classics American breakfasts. Waffles. Get the Crispy Waffle served with Homemade Pancake Syrup (P200). Seriously. This is undoubtedly our group’s go-to place for waffles. The Creamy Tomato Curry Kofta Balls (P380) and Watermelon Frozen Fruit Cooler (P200) didn’t disappoint either. (Note: It’s a bit hard to find, but if you can make it to Marikina Shoe Museum, it’s only a minute’s walk along the small street leading to the museum from the right.)


Here Mael accompanied me on my undercover investigation into the pervasive sexism behind the children’s merchandise in Toys R Us for my Histo research paper. It really is amazing how marketing almost always draws a solid line between male and female play things with colors, themes, purposes, and words. (Eg. violence, action, mecha, dark colors, and harsh edges characteristic of boys’ toys and colorful, fantastical, fashionable, and gentler themes found in girls’ toys.) But I’m straying from the point.

He’s sporting Starlord’s iconic space mask and a Chance the Rapper t-shirt I myself am unable to appreciate, given my ignorance of rap culture.IMG_20170424_162414-01#1.jpeg

We came here a month after it opened in UPTC and Satchmi was absolutely packed. Everyone was dying to spend some time listening to all the vinyl records the cafe had to offer. The Avocado with Salmon Toast (P220) was tiny; but I savored every single morsel.


This was taken just a week before my family’s spring vacation in South Korea. This scene happened to remind me of the cherry blossoms I could expect to find in the days to come.  The cotton tree masquerading as a sakura tree got me well inspired to find the best spots for cherry blossom viewing.


I do have mixed feelings about this restaurant. On one hand Tyler’s serves a killer Eggs Benedict (P245) and a most delightful- albeit very expensive- Strawberry (P225). The latter is a brown butter almond cake topped with strawberries, jam, chocolate crumb, and a uniquely creamy vanilla ice cream. On the other hand Mael’s relatives happen to own this restaurant and we’ve had several rather awkward run-ins with them in this establishment. It appears I can only be safe from prying eyes here when my other half is not present.

If it’s not already obvious, I’ve a clear penchant for coffee, breakfast foods, studying in cafes, and springtime. And bae, naturally.

As a side note: I’ve been thinking of getting into vlogging and investing in the Canon G7x. But with my penchant for losing the energy to stay active on this blog, I’m worried the camera might be a waste. I’ll ponder on the matter for a few months.




6 thoughts on “Haphazard Update on the Past Few Months (and Cafes to Visit in Manila)

  1. Good idea to think about things before you make a big investment on a camera. I really like the shot of the puppy by the way; he looks like a sweetheart, and that reminds me I need to go check out a dog cafe in my area at some point. Also, those different shots of food all look delicious!

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    1. Right? I thought I might get too lazy to edit the videos like I got too lazy to edit my DSLR pictures for the past like, 7-8 months haha. But I think I’ll end up taking the plunge because worst case scenario, edited vlogs or no, we’ll still have the most badass home videos to show for it!

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