Seoul: Style Nanda & Chuu | Styling the Cold Shoulder

Since I’ve been in Seoul, the residence I’ve been staying in has been tantalizingly close to two very dangerous establishments: Style Nanda and Chuu.

In case these aren’t already familiar to you, these highly popular brands retail trendy Korean clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Beauty and fashion bloggers living in or visiting Korea do not leave without making a pilgrimage to these stores.

And I happen to live no more than a five minute walk away from their flagship stores. Here is a collection of photos I’ve amassed over the past few weeks!


Theres a darling photo booth in Style Nanda that people always line up for. It’s free, and you get to take away a great souvenir from your visit. Try to come during the weekdays to avoid a possible line! (I sent this home to Mael a month into our internship-induced separation.)


3CE is a South Korean makeup brand launched by Style Nanda. It sets itself apart from other Korean cosmetics in that it takes after Western cosmetics a bit in its strong pigmentation, vivid coloring, high coverage, and long lasting finish. It’s a tad more expensive than your usual Korean road shop brand (ie. Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Skinfood, etc.), but I do agree that you’re paying for better quality. Still, as a broke intern, I’m not in a place to be splurging on such products.


Sometimes (as was the case in the above photo), I drop by Style Nanda after work to absorb some aesthetic inspiration before heading home for Ajhumma’s home cooked Korean meals.


Would that my dresser could look like this. I just can’t wait to move into a new apartment after college and really have the freedom to make the space my own.


This outfit on the right didn’t appeal to me a few weeks ago. I’m realizing the style has grown on me. I suppose that’s what happens when you acclimate to your new fashion and shopping environment.


Um, a marble throne? Yes please.


My soul cries out for these products. Just look at the milk carton packing! Being lactose intolerant has led me to develop an unhealthy obsession with anything and everything milk-themed. More on said fixation in my hauls to come.


Just pining for the comforts of home. (Spot Mael’s care package that I had our mutual friend bring back to Manila on my behalf!) How is it that every corner of this store is made for Instagram?

From UPTC bazaar top| From Mom shorts | Cotton On heels


Lo and behold, right across the street is the Chuu flagship store! I myself am partial to the clothes I found in Chuu over these past few weeks. The store design is much more whimsical and again, every part of the building is photo friendly.


With the summer heat moving in, I’ve lived only for cold shoulder tops recently. Yes, I know, it doesn’t actually make things any colder. But they just hang off the shoulders so easily, giving the effect of the usual off-shoulder top without the hassle of sliding up to your neck every time you raise your arms just a little bit too high.


I’m so glad this top fit so well. It took me a while to get used to the shopping here. Most small shops don’t let you try on their clothes, so ‘fitting’ has been a risky ordeal of holding the garments up against you by the mirror and eyeballing the size. Being on the taller side, it is hard for me to find clothes that fit right. They’re either the right length but too loose, or fit snugly but are too short (usually pants). I wasn’t sure how to feel about the clothes here coming in free size more often than not. But since oversized fashion is reigning in Korea, I’ve grown to appreciate the free size system. Clothes are either a bit large (in keeping with the trend) or fit perfectly on me.

I picked it off the streets of Edae about two weeks ago for 10,000W in peach and in white. I like that it’s a twist on the classic button up polo. It’s undone, casual, and the shoulder slip adds a bit of sass to the ensemble. I’ve paired it with some denim shorts I looted from Mom’s closet, small silver hoop earrings, and a tiger’s eye necklace I found in a bazaar in Nuvali, Laguna.

I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of this even back in steamy Manila. Perhaps I can wear this in the colder months since long-sleeves are not Philippine friendly.


Stairway to heaven right here. Chuu lingerie is reasonably priced for its quality and the designs are just so feminine. I’m considering picking up an underwear set from Chuu before I have to fly home.


Does the strain on my face show? I spent more than I intended to today at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Center. Haul to follow! (When I find an appropriate surface for the haul flatlays.)

From Edae top | From Mom shorts | From SOLENAD bazaar necklace | From Myeongdong earrings


What are your summer staple outfits?



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    1. Aww thank you! 😊 These two shops are definitely more attractive than most. But this city does put in a noticeable effort to look good in most establishments. There’s an infinite number of instagrammable places (cafes in particular).

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