Korean Skin Care Products I’ve Been Testing

Good afternoon everybody! It’s a rainy Sunday in Seoul. Danbee mentioned that a monsoon will be with us for about a week or two so we can expect some more days of warm coffee and overcast skies. Most people dislike this kind of weather, but I thrive on gloomy days. It’s the closest a tropical specimen such as myself can get to wintry snow days. You know, the kind of day when the snow piles up so high that the city cancels school and you get to just light some candles, put on a facemask, bring out the hot cocoa and watch movies in bed.

Anyway, today I will be sharing the skin care items I recently purchased in Olive Young and Watsons to handle my skin’s freak-out in response to the change of weather. These are not the products I normally use, as I left most of them at home out of worry for airline weight allowance. I was hoping to put some new products on trial whilst here and see if there’s anything worth hoarding for back home. I’ve had these for almost a month now and I’m here to give you my thoughts!

ON: THE BODYΒ 2 Seconds Magic Deep Cleaning Oil (6,000KRW)
This was the first product I picked up upon arriving just because I needed a generic makeup remover. Back in Manila, I used the Biore Cleansing Oil and thoroughly enjoyed it. This one on the other hand, is a total dud. I don’t its fragrance. It feels like it sinks into my skin instead of breaking up the makeup on top. I’ll still have to keep using it while I’m here so I don’t waste money, but believe you me I will not be repurchasing this.

COSrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (3,500KRW)
I’m not sure why this product is just that much better than regular hydrophilic wound dressing. Normally, I use other brands (like Nexcare) to suck out any pus when a pimple has popped. I save the COSrx patches for any pustules that are still inflamed and the zits either shrink down or come to a head. Regular patches don’t do squat for those angry pimples. It helps that these patches are thinner and less conspicuous than most, camouflaging in fairly well on your skin even when you have to go out. This is definitely a product I’ll be stocking up on.

NIVEA Moisture Care Lip Balm (2,000KRW)
Korea may be a humid country, but it is nowhere near as humid as the Philippines. I normally never have cracking lips (except in cases of extreme dehydration of course) but since landing in Seoul I’ve been plagued by flaky skin and dry lips almost every day. Hence the need for a basic lip balm.

SCINIC Honey All In One Ampoule (11,000KRW)
And speaking of dryness, this stuff is a skin saver. I still have to layer it to get adequate hydration because I use this as both my essence and my day moisturizer. The smell is quite pleasant, and true to its name. It sinks into your skin so smoothly and my face just feels so hydrated after I use this. I’d love to bring an extra jar home but, as I said, I really have to be careful about not overstepping my luggage allowance so I’m still hedging my bets on where to invest my free weight.

IT’S SKIN Power 10 LI Effector (8,900KRW)
This ampoule’s core ingredient is licorice. It’s supposed to be good for reducing redness. To this day, I’m not certain if said redness is supposed to be hyperpigmentation or rosacea. It has however made a difference on my PIH in the past few weeks. So much so that I’ve already repurchased a spare bottle for back home. I highly recommend this one!

IT’S SKIN Power 10 VB Effector (8,900KRW)
Since I had such a great experience with the LI Effector, I decided to try out another ampoule from the Power 10 line. The VB Effector is built around vitamin B6. It’s primary function is sebum regulation. I have noticed a slight difference in my sebum levels since starting on this product, but its not substantial enough for me to be impressed. I’m quite content with the vitamin C serum I have back home, so I won’t be repurchasing this.

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask (2,000KRW)
I do like this sheet mask, but I’ll have to use it a few more times to be sure. The smaller spots I had were barely there in the morning and the larger ones had subsided somewhat (post extraction; I know it’s a terrible habit but sometimes I can’t help myself). It isn’t cheap though (seeing as it’s a one-time-use product). I feel like I’d get better value if I stocked up on COSrx Pimple Patches instead. I still have a month to change my mind about it though.
Update: I’ve changed my mind, this is so worth it. I had a bad skin day yesterday and this mask really calmed the inflammation down. Going to stock up on these and the COSrx patches!

And there you have it! Have you tried any of these products yet? What do you use to handle unforeseen skin care disasters?



5 thoughts on “Korean Skin Care Products I’ve Been Testing

    1. Oh thank you! I love your blog back so this means a lot. 😘

      Korean beauty products are a bit hard to get ahold of but luckily they’ve making their way into Sephora over the past few years.

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