Brunching in Hongdae

There’s just something about brunch that sets it apart from other meals. The easy chatter, light flavors, and choice of menu all contribute to a warm ambiance so characteristic of brunch. It always makes me feel like I’ve started the day right. (You know, instead of inhaling last night’s slice of pizza or having a red velvet cupcake for breakfast.)

I was naturally quite excited when my friend- and supervisor- Camille asked me out to brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. The two of us agreed to meet up at the small cafe I had pointed out only a few days prior.  I’d noticed a line of at least seven people waiting patiently outside Butter Milk’s (버터밀크) storefront. With it being a mere five minutes away from my boarding house, I knew I had to give it a try.

With summer in Korea in full swing, I had the opportunity to take pictures of these vibrant (and alien- to me) flowers I saw along the streets of Hongdae on my way to meet her. I thought these orange buds on the right were immature chili peppers or some related genus before I saw the first bloom!

Of course, we ourselves did have to wait about an hour outside before the hostess was ready to seat us. I believe that there were around 5 tables available, and each was only intended to accommodate two guests. As it’s a very popular place, try to come early. They open at 10am and close at 6pm. And yes, the hour long wait was definitely worth it.

The interior of the cafe is quite homey and relaxing. There were several shelves of beautiful old books along the walls. Unfortunately, I believe most of them were in Japanese (we suspect the owner is too) and so I was unable to peruse any of them whilst waiting for our food to come.


We ended up ordering the exact same thing! This place is famous for its Ricotta Cheese Pancakes (6,800KRW). These are without a doubt, the best pancakes I have ever had. I don’t know how I’ll go on without them once I’ve left Seoul. They’re amazingly light, fluffy, and the gentle ricotta flavor is only enhanced by the drizzled syrup.

I loved everything on my plate (except that odd red berry in the corner- I wasn’t sure what to make of it). The mashed potatoes and bacon were delicious, but next to the pancake my next favorite would have to be the scrambled egg that you can see peeking out from under my strip of bacon.


We ordered Lemon Ades (3,800KRW) to go with our food. I was totally blindsided. I’d expected to receive lemonade. Instead, what arrived at our table was more like sparkling water with a touch of lemon flavor. It was the most bizarre thing. According to Camille, she has yet to come across a place in Korea that serves real lemonade. If you see ‘ade’ on the menu, be aware that that means soda.

What’s your brunch go-to?



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